Document downloads - Planning Policies

The following document downloads are available for download. Downloads in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

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Available downloads

Replacement Pendle Local Plan (2001-2016) Documents

Framework Newsletter

Open Space Audit

Sustainable Settlement Study

Biodiversity Audit

Retail and Leisure Land Monitoring Reports

Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Study

Supplementary Planning Guidance

Article 4 Directions

Employment Land Monitoring Reports

Supplementary Planning Documents

Stream and Steam

Core Strategy Documents

Code of Practice on Construction and Demolition

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Landscape Guidance for Wind Turbines up to 60m high in the South and West Pennines

Core Strategy Further Options Report Documents

Infrastructure Strategy

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Retail Capacity Study

Employment Land Review

Local Development Scheme

Statement of Community Involvement

Railway Street Neighbourhood, Brierfield SPD

Assets of Community Value

Core Strategy Examination Documents

Core Strategy Submission Documents

Core Strategy Pre-Submission Documents

Planning for growth - ministerial statement

Core Strategy Core Documents

Core Strategy Examination Hearing Statements

Core Strategy Examination Hearing Session Agendas

Barrowford Neighbourhood Plan

Brierfield Canal Corridor SPD

Core Strategy Inspector's Report

Pendle Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy

East Colne and Villages Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Areas Map

Green Belt Assessment

Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan

Colne Neighbourhood Plan

Bradley Area Action Plan Documents

Pendle Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations and Development Policies

Green Infrastructure Strategy

Kelbrook and Sough Neighbourhood Plan

Brownfield Register Site Plans - available sites

Brownfield Register

Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan Examination Documents

Lomeshaye Development Brief

Local Plan Part 2 Consultation Documents

Local Plan Part 2 Consultation Representation Form

Local Plan Part 2 Consultation Documents: Reasonable Alternatives

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Appendix G - User Guide

Brownfield Register Site Plans - completed sites

Five Year Housing Land Supply

Colne Neighbourhood Plan Examination Library

Pendle Retail Survey

Local Green Space Report and Methodology