Council and Councillors

Agendas, reports and minutes

Papers for all our committee meetings

Councillors and MPs

Your representatives

Elections and Voting

Information on the latest elections and how you can vote

Committee Structure

The political make up of the Council, its Committees and Committee meetings

Council Constitution

This explains how the Council makes decisions and how it makes sure it is transparent and accountable

Parish and Town Councils

Contact details for parish and town councils

The Mayor

Information about the Mayor and civic affairs

My Account

How to register for a My Account to access council services.

Council structure

Our departments, our partners, and our aims and objectives

Compliments and Complaints

How to give us feedback about our services

Corporate Plan 2023 - 2027

Our Corporate Plan sets out our vision and priorities.

Budgets and Spending

How we manage and spend our money

Performance and Statistics

How we monitor and measure our performance


How we procure services, and how you can do business with us

Data and privacy

Our Privacy Policy, information about data protection regulation and Freedom of Information, and lists of data published under the Open Government Licence  

Corporate Peer Challenge

The Local Government Association (LGA) coordinates peers challenges for councils.


Lancashire 2050

A framework to bring people together with a shared vision, shared ambition, shared goals and shared priorities.