Council Tax

Changes to online Council Tax accounts

The way you access your online Council Tax account has changed.

If you already have an online account, you will need to set it up again on My Account.


Pay your Council Tax

The different ways you can pay your Council Tax

Register to pay Council Tax

Understand who is liable for Council Tax, and register to pay

Bands and Charges

How much your Council Tax is

Council Tax Discounts

Information about the Council Tax discounts that are available

Council Tax Support

Help for people on a low income with less than £16,000 in savings

Council Tax Exemptions

Some people don't have to pay Council Tax at all

Contact Council Tax

Use this form to contact us with queries about council tax, benefits or business rates.

Manage your Council Tax

Online Council Tax services

Change in circumstances

Tell us about changes that might alter how much you pay 

I can't pay my Council Tax

Find out what help there is, and what happens if you don't pay

Reductions for people with disabilities

Your Council Tax band can be reduced if your property is adapted for a disabled person

Council Tax for empty properties

How much Council Tax you need to pay for an empty property

Council Tax for second homes

How much Council Tax you need to pay for a second home

Council Tax bill information

Find out where we get our money from and how it is spent.

'Freeman on the Land' and challenges to paying Council Tax