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Government procurement card spend

Transparency Code Metadata for Government Procurement Card Spend

Dataset Name/Title

Government Procurement Card Spend

Organisation Code

Why we publish this type of data/information

As part of our ongoing commitment to increase openness and transparency we are publishing details of all spend on Government Procurement Cards (GPCs).

Residents will be able to examine and ask questions about the Council's spending in an open and transparent manner.

This is included at summary level in the Council Spend dataset but further details are provided in this disclosure.

Other related information

A GPC is a card issued under a procurement framework owned by the Crown Commercial Service.  The GPCs are used by Government as a payment card, not a credit card, and is a secure and controlled method of purchasing and paying for low value goods or services where it is used alongside other purchasing tools and processes.

What information is included in this data?

This data contains details of all payments/transactions made using a GPC.

What information is not included in this data?

The following details are not included because other purchasing tools and processes are used as the Councils main function for making payments of this kind:

  • Supplier registered charity number
  • VCSE grant


This data is provided under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

How often do we publish this data?

Quarterly - we aim to publish this data on our website within a month following the end of the quarter to which the data relates.

For example, we will aim to publish our spend relating to the period April –June by 31 July.

What data systems do we use?

Software of the GPC provider is used to extract details of spend on a monthly basis to agree to the payments made and statements received.

What does each column mean?

The data contains fields for:

A. Organisation name – 'Pendle Borough Council'.  Placing this on each row allows the data to be mixed with data from other councils.

B. Directorate/service where expenditure incurred (Dept) – this is the name of the council department responsible for spending the money.

C. Transaction Date – the recorded date of the transaction.

D. Supplier (Beneficiary) name – this is the full name of the supplier as it appears on our records.

E. Services Supplied – details of the goods or services supplied.

F. Net Amount – this is the amount of the payment in £s.  Please note that VAT is not included unless it is not recoverable.

G. Irrecoverable VAT – this is the value of VAT that is not recoverable.

Future plans for this data

To review all publication requirements that are currently optional and recommended in an effort to increase compliance with the Local Government Transparency Code subject to any system or operational constraints.

What data have we removed?

There are occasions where data has been replaced with:

  • REDACTED PERSONAL DATA where the data would otherwise identify an individual in the context of their private life
  • REDACTED COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY where a confidentiality agreement prohibits the council from naming a supplier
  • REDACTED SECURITY where revealing the name of a supplier would aid a malicious attack on our information, systems or processes.

What formats is the data available in?

CSV (Comma-separated values format) which can be used with most spreadsheet style programmes.

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How to ask for more information

If you have any queries with the data provided, please contact the officer below.

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Gemma-Louise Hindman