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Retail capacity study

The Retail Capacity Study (RCS) forms a key part of the evidence base for the Local Plan. The RCS was prepared by Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners (NLP) in 2007. The objectives of the study were to provide:

  • a qualitative assessment of existing retail, leisure and entertainment facilities in the Borough;
  • an assessment of the future needs for additional retail and commercial leisure facilities;
  • an assessment of the capacity of Pendle's town and local centres to meet demand through identification of sites; and
  • a policy review and proposed issues and options for the Local Plan.

What's happening next?

The Retail Capacity Study was updated by NLP in July 2012 and is available to view in the Documents to download section below.

Further updates to the study will be made as and when circumstances change in the market or when it is considered necessary to renew the information in the study as a whole - usually around five years from the adoption or update of the previous study.

What have we done so far?

An update of the 2007 study was commissioned in 2012 because of potential changes in the information in the documents namely those for population and the continued effects of the recession on retail expenditure levels and forecasts.  It was not necessary to update the information relating to commercial leisure provisions, network centres, centre health checks and centre boundaries as these remain relatively up to date and as such the conclusions remain sound. Both documents have been used to inform policy within the Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy.

Documents to download

Pendle Retail Capacity Study Update 2012

Pendle Retail Capacity Study 2007