Evidence base documents

Housing and Economic Development Needs

The Pendle Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment 2023 (HEDNA) considers our future needs for housing and employment. It is an important part of the evidence for the Pendle Local Plan.

Government guidance sets out three key stages in the assessment of housing and economic needs.

Stage 1: Consideration of the current stock (that is land and premises).

Stage 2: Consideration of future requirements. This is based on an analysis of past-trends and forecasting.

Stage 3: The identification of gaps in the existing supply.

The HEDNA looks at:

  • Projections based on past population and demographic trends
  • Levels of migration, making adjustments to support economic growth, where necessary
  • Market signals
  • Evidence of the need for affordable housing

The conclusions in our HEDNA set out what we need to provide by 2040 in terms of:

  • the total number of new dwellings
  • the type of new dwellings (for example semi-detached, flats, bungalows)
  • the tenure of new dwellings (for example home ownership, private renting or social renting)
  • the amount of employment floorspace (specifically land for Use Classes B2 (General Industrial) and B8 (Storage, Distribution and Warehousing), which are not usually compatible with residential uses and should be located on a business park)

In the plan-making process these conclusions are considered alongside any infrastructure, environmental or other requirements, before setting the borough’s housing and employment land targets, and identifying where new development will be delivered.

What have we done before?


To help us consider our future housing needs we published a joint Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) with Burnley Borough Council in 2008 and 2013.

The Housing Needs Assessments (HNA) published in 2014 and 2020 focussed on Pendle.


We have previously published Employment Land Reviews (ELR) in 2008 and 2013.

For archived versions of these reports please email planningpolicy@pendle.gov.uk. A charge may be made for copying and postage.