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Strategic housing market assessment

The Burnley and Pendle Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) forms a key part of the evidence base for the Local Plan. The SHMA was prepared by Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners (NLP) in 2013. The purpose of the study is to set out the potential scale of future housing requirements in the borough based upon a range of housing, economic and demographic factors, trends and forecasts.

The study provides recommendations on the amount of new housing that should be provided up to 2030 as well as the types and sizes of housing that are needed. It also looks at the amount of affordable housing that is required and which affordable tenures should be provided.

What's happening next? 

The Burnley and Pendle Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2013 and the Housing Needs Study Update Report (HNS) 2014 were approved at the meeting of the Full Council on Thursday 25th September 2014.

These documents have been used to help inform the preparation of the policies in the Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy. They can both be viewed in the Documents to download section below.  

What have we done so far?

A Strategic Housing Market Assessment for Burnley and Pendle was prepared in 2007/08 by Fordham Research.

After the Core Strategy Publication consultation in October-December 2012 it was decided to take a step back in the process to respond to objections received during the consultation. The opportunity to update some of the Core Strategy evidence base was also taken. Government guidance recommends that SHMAs should be reviewed every five years. As the previous SHMA was adopted in 2008 it was one of those documents to be updated.

The 2013 report provides updated information on the amount of new market and affordable housing to be provided in Pendle. This is based on new data from the 2011 Census and updated Sub-national Population Projections and Household Projections. The new study also takes account of the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework and the draft National Planning Practice Guidance. The Housing Needs Study Update Report has been prepared to take account of the 2012-based Sub-National Population Projections (SNPP) which were released in May 2014. The report updates some of the findings from the 2013 SHMA taking account of the newly published information.  

Documents to download

Burnley and Pendle Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2013

Housing Needs Study Update Report (HNS) 2014

For archived versions of the Burnley and Pendle Strategic Housing Market Assessment please contact the Planning Policy Team.