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Open space audit

The Pendle Open Space Audit (OSA) forms a key part of the evidence base for the Local Plan. It is used to gain an understanding of existing open space provision within specified areas of the borough. It also assesses the function of each open space site and considers whether the needs of users are adequately met by identifying any surpluses or deficiencies.

What's happening next?

The Open Space Audit was adopted in November 2008 and is available to view in the Documents to download section below.

In future the Open Space Audit will be incorporated into the Green Infrastructure Strategy which is likely to be prepared in 2014/15. This will help inform the Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations and Development Policies.

What have we done so far?

The Open Space Audit provides:

  • an analysis of existing open space provision in terms of size, function and accessibility.
  • an evaluation of areas and/or types of deficiency, whether in terms of function, location, quantity, accessibility or quality; and in any areas or types of surplus.
  • maps of open space provision (by ward) categorised according to open space typology.

Documents to download

Pendle Open Space Audit 2008

Maps 1-2; Maps 3-4; Maps 5-7; Maps 8-9; Maps 10-11;

Maps 12-14; Maps 15-16Maps 17-19a; Maps 19b-20