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Strategic housing land availability assessment (SHLAA)

The Pendle Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) forms a key part of the evidence base for the Local Plan. The SHLAA provides an assessment of sites to see whether they are:

  • available for housing development - in terms of access and ownership issues; 
  • suitable for housing development - in terms of physical constraints, sustainability issues; and
  • achievable - in terms of an assessment of financial viability.

The SHLAA does not allocate sites for housing development, it is an assessment of sites which may have the potential to be developed for housing in the future. 

Information on sites without planning permission, which have been assessed in the SHLAA, can be viewed on the SHLAA sites without planning permission map.

What's happening next?

The Pendle Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) was approved at the meeting of the Full Council on Thursday 25th September 2014.

This document has been used to help inform the preparation of the policies in the Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy. It can be viewed in the Documents to download section below.  

What have we done so far?

A methodology report was prepared in 2006 to explain the process for carrying out the SHLAA in Pendle. This was followed by the adoption of the first SHLAA in 2008.

The SHLAA was reviewed and updated in 2010 (adopted in 2011) with some revisions made to the methodology to take account of changes to national policy.

After the Core Strategy Publication consultation in October-December 2012 it was decided to take a step back in the process to respond to objections received during the consultation. The opportunity to update some of the Core Strategy evidence base was also taken. The SHLAA was one of those documents to be updated.

The updated SHLAA provides an up-to-date position of the borough's housing land supply and also takes account of the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework and the draft National Planning Practice Guidance.

Documents to download

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Update Report 2013/14 (including Appendices 1-4 and 6-8)

Appendix 5 - Maps and Site Proformas (click on the links below):

Sites in the 1-5 year period with planning permission:

Barley; Barnoldswick; Barrowford; Blacko; Brierfield; Colne;

EarbyFence; FoulridgeKelbrook; Nelson;

Newchurch and Spen Brook; Salterforth; SoughTrawden

Sites in the 1-5 year period without planning permission:

Barnoldswick; Barrowford; Blacko; Brierfield; Colne;

EarbyFence; Foulridge; LaneshawbridgeNelson;


Sites in the 6-10 year period:

Barnoldswick; Barrowford; Blacko; Brierfield; Colne;

EarbyFoulridge; Higham; Kelbrook; Nelson;


Sites in the 11-15 year period:

Barnoldswick; BarrowfordBrierfield; Colne;

Earby; Fence; FoulridgeKelbrook; Nelson;


Additional sites in the 6-15 year period:

Barnoldswick; Barrowford; Brierfield; Colne;

Earby; FenceKelbrook; Laneshawbridge; Nelson;

Newchurch; Roughlee; SalterforthTrawden

Archive downloads

For full archived versions of the Pendle Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment please contact the Planning Policy Team. There are some archived documents available to download below:

SHLAA Methodology Report

SHLAA 2008 Report

SHLAA 2008 Appendices 1-19

SHLAA 2008 Appendix 20

SHLAA 2010 Report