Local Plan (Fourth Edition)

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The Local Plan will protect existing business areas and, if necessary, allocate additional land for employment.

To help us understand future business needs we want you to fill in our online Business Survey.

The deadline for you to respond is Friday 27 October 2022.

What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan is a statutory document that helps us deliver the right amount and type of development in locations where it is needed. It:

  • sets out the amount of development, and the location of that development in Pendle for at least the next 15 years
  • identifies locations which will be protected from inappropriate development
  • sets out the types of development that are required - including size and tenure - in response to local needs
  • sets the standards expected of development proposals so that we have high quality sustainable development which minimises its effects on climate change
  • includes policies used in every day decision making, including things like:
    • biodiversity
    • flood risk and drainage
    • climate resilience
    • the historic environment
    • landscape
    • open space
    • town centres
    • employment sites and commercial proposals
    • householder applications
    • community uses
    • transport

Once it is adopted, the Local Plan will supersede the policies in the existing Core Strategy, Replacement Local Plan, and Bradley Area Action Plan. It will then be used as the basis for decision making. This framework will help us to secure sustainable development which delivers positive change for our community, economy and environment.

What have we done so far?

At the Council meeting on 9 December 2021, councillors resolved to stop work on the Pendle Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies DPD in favour of preparing a new Local Plan.

At the Policy and Resources Committee on 17 March 2022, a new Local Development Scheme was adopted. This confirms the timetable for the preparation of the new Local Plan.

The evidence base to support the Local Plan is being updated. The first draft of the Local Plan should be available for public consultation in 2023.

Scoping Consultation

The public consultation to consider:

closed on Friday 5 August.

We are now processing the responses we received. These comments will be considered alongside the views expressed by statutory consultees, neighbouring authorities and elected members. Together with the updated evidence base these will inform the content and strategy of the first draft of the Local Plan, which should be made available for public consultation in 2023.

Call for Sites

The consultation also included a Call for Sites so that members of the public, landowners, developers or their agents could make us aware of potential sites for future development.

The sites that were nominated will be assessed for their availability, suitability and deliverability for specific development uses. Those that will help to meet the borough’s development needs, up to 2040, will be allocated in the Local Plan.

We aren't accepting anymore sites for inclusion in the Local Plan (Fourth Edition). But we are always interested to hear about any sites you think may be suitable for development or that you think need protecting from development. You can:

How can I find out more information and stay up-to-date with the Local Plan?

Our Framework newsletter provides regular updates on the preparation of the Local Plan, and wider news on planning policy.

If you wish to receive a copy please send your contact details to: planningpolicy@pendle.gov.uk.