Public Spaces Protection Orders

PSPO - Alley gates

Alley gates

Our second Public Spaces Protection Order allows us to continue with alley gate schemes and single gate schemes in Brierfield, Nelson and Colne.  These are the rules residents in the restricted areas have to follow:

  • Public access is restricted at all times, using lockable alley gates, except for residents, who have been issued with keys or codes to open and close the alley gates; the emergency services; and statutory undertakers
  • Anyone using the gates to get in or out of the restricted area must ensure that they are closed and locked immediately after use
  • Residents within or next to the restricted area are responsible for keeping the alley gates closed and locked; providing access for waste collection; street cleaning; one off bulky collections and highway maintenance and keeping the back street clear of rubbish other than in bins or bags provided by us or awaiting collection under the bulky rubbish scheme 
  • We are responsible for maintenance of the gates
  • If anyone persistently and unreasonably breaches of any of the conditions of the Order, legal action will be taken, which could result in a fine

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