Public Spaces Protection Orders

PSPO - Parks

Our Public Spaces Protection order - parks (PSPO) helps us:

  • keep dogs, pedestrians and drivers safe
  • prevent dog fouling
  • maintain the enjoyment of all park users
  • keep areas set out for specific uses safe and clean 

The restrictions on dog walkers are minimal. Dogs are only banned outright from areas where there is a specific use:

  • children's play areas
  • multi-use games areas
  • bowling greens
  • tennis courts
  • ball courts
  • skate parks

Dogs will have to be on a lead not longer than 2 metres on most sports pitches and car parks. 

Dog walkers can be asked to put their dog on a lead by any:

  • officer of the relevant Town or Parish Council
  • officer of the District Council
  • Police Officer
  • Police Community Support Officer

They can also ask dog walkers to show that they have a way of picking up and properly disposing of their dog's poo.

There are also some rules about good behaviour. The full list of rules, and how they are enforced, is in the order. The main types of behaviour that are not allowed are:

  • using fireworks
  • running a business or organising a public performance without our permission
  • smoking in children's play areas, multi use games areas, tennis and ball courts
  • camping and camp fires
  • harming animals
  • damaging plants and trees
  • damaging equipment 
  • throwing dangerous objects
  • playing dangerous sports or using radio controlled aircraft and vehicles
  • playing golf
  • swimming, sailing or fishing in ponds or streams 
  • parking overnight
  • barbecues in areas where they are not allowed
  • riding or walking horses not on bridleways
  • metal detecting
  • flying of drones

Read the order for a full list of rules for the public spaces protection order

You can look at plans of the areas covered by the public spaces protection order

Anyone not complying with the rules of the order can be issued with a fixed penalty notice.