My council tax bill

See our current council tax charges.

The main resident (normally the owner or tenant of a dwelling) is liable to pay the council tax. Couples living together will both be liable.

You can find out your balance by contacting us.


We are currently working to introduce an email service to provide council tax bills to customers who volunteer. 

Am I eligible for e-billing?

If you are in a single person household, you pay by direct debit and we already have your email address, you can register for e-billing. We'll be introducing the service to other households and to benefits customers in the future.

I meet the criteria – How do I register?

We will contact you by email and ask you to complete and return a registration form. If you return the form, you will be registered and will then receive your future council tax bills by email.  

If you are in a single person household and have not already given us your email address but want to register, contact customer services

The legal part

To offer an e-billing service, we have to publish an e-billing direction

Customer Services

Pendle Borough Council
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Tel: 01282 661661

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