Personal and Premises licence

Notification of interest

A person (including either a business or a company) with a property interest in any premises in Pendle can tell us of their interest by completing a form and paying a fee of £21. Registration isn't a legal requirement and is at the discretion of the eligible party.

People who might want to do this, are:

  • the freeholder or leaseholder
  • a legal mortgagee in respect of the premises
  • someone occupying the premises
  • or someone with a prescribed interest in the premises.

The notice will run for 12 months, starting on the date it is received. A new notice can be given every year. 

Whilst the notice has effect, if any change relating to the premises concerned is recorded in the Licensing Register, we must notify anyone who has registered an interest. We will also notify them of their right under Section 8 Licensing Act 2003 to request a copy of the information contained in the entry in the Licensing Register.

The notification will be valid when we have received both the completed form and the fee.