Personal and Premises licence

Application to vary a premises licence

If you hold a Premises Licence, you can apply to us if you want to vary the Licence.

Why would I need a variation?

If you wish to add or amend the times during which any of your licensable activities take place you need to apply for a variation.

It cannot be used to extend the period for which the licence is effective, and it cannot be used to vary substantially the premises to which it relates.

If you want to specify a new designated premises supervisor, this must be done by Applying to Transfer a Licence or Vary the Designated Premises Supervisor.

How do I apply?

Complete all the forms and return them to the responsible authorities.

Cheques should be made payable to Borough of Pendle.

Other information required:

  • list of responsible authorities
  • requirements for plans submitted with an application
  • list of fees
  • list of local newspapers