Personal and Premises licence

Change in name and/or address of holder of premises licence or designated premises supervisor

The holder of the Premises must notify us of any change in the name and/or address of the holder of the Premises Licence and/or the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS).

If the Designated Premises Supervisor is not the holder of the Premises Licence, they can notify the Licensing Authority of any change in name and/or address themselves. They must also send a copy of the notice to the holder of the Premises Licence as soon as possible after the notice is given.

You must pay a fee of £10.50 for all notifications, which you can pay online. If the Premises Licence is not available, a statement of the reasons for failing to enclose the Licence must be given on the notice.

Once we have received a valid notification, we will issue an amended Premises Licence.