Personal and Premises licence

Interim authority notice

If a Premises Licence lapses due to the death, incapacity or insolvency of the holder of the Licence, someone with an interest in the premises or someone connected to the person who held the Licence immediately before it lapsed (normally a personal representative of the former holder or a person with power of attorney or, where someone has become insolvent, that person's insolvency practitioner) can submit an Interim Authority Notice application to us.

Doing this will reinstate the Premises Licence as if the person giving the notice is the holder of the Premises Licence and allows licensable activities to continue pending a formal application for transfer.

The Interim Authority Notice lasts for a maximum of three months.

The application must be made within 28 consecutive days, beginning the day after the Premises Licence lapses. 

A copy of the notice must also be given to the Police (the address can be found on the List of Responsible Authorities). If a copy of the application is not given to the Police within the initial 28 consecutive day period, the Interim Authority Notice will cease to have effect.

The fee for the application is £23.00 (cheque payable to Borough of Pendle).