Your grey bin is for all waste that cannot be recycled. It is collected every fortnight.

On collection day, put your bin at the edge of your property no later than 7.30 am.

When is my collection day?

Find out using our interactive map. Check our bank holiday collections for any alterations

What goes in which bin?

Use our directory to find out what items you put in which bins

Order a new bin

Order bins and recycling containers

Can I have a second grey bin?

In some circumstances, you may qualify for an extra bin

Missed bin

My bin has not been collected

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Find your nearest tip

Remove my unwanted bin

Tell us if you have a bin you don't want anymore and we'll take it away

What goes in my grey bin?

This shows you which household items can go in your grey bin

Assisted collection

If you're elderly or have mobility issues, let us know and we can help with your collections

Keeping your bin clean

Advice on preventing smells and insects

Can I have a smaller bin?

Request a smaller bin for your property

I can't have a wheeled bin

What to do if your house isn't suitable for a wheeled bin