Fill this form in to:

  • order a new bin
  • order an extra recycling bin:
  1. brown for glass, plastic and cans
  2. blue for paper and card
  • swap a bin for a larger or smaller size
  • replace a damaged bin which you can no longer use
  • replace a bin that has been lost or stolen
  • ask us to remove a bin you do not want any more
  • ask for an extra grey bin

Used bins

Your replacement bin might be a refurbished one, but it will be in good condition.

Damaged bins

You are responsible if your bin is lost or damaged.


You are responsible for making sure we can access your property to deliver the bin, for example, leaving gates unlocked or making sure dogs are kept indoors.


If your bin just needs new wheels or a new lid, we will repair it for you rather than replace the whole bin.

Read the bin delivery conditions of service

New developments

If you need bins for houses which have just been built, you need to email with your request.