Council urges residents to beware of council tax scams

Published Tuesday, 10th April 2018

We want to warn you about council tax scams which are currently operating in the borough

Bogus enforcement officers have been telephoning homes and claiming to be working on behalf of the Council. 

They’ve told the householders that they’re in arrears with their council tax and try to persuade them to hand over their bank details.

Fraudsters are also contacting residents to tell them they’re entitled to a council tax refund following overpayments.

Again they try and persuade residents to hand over their bank details so that the refund can be processed.

Please be on your guard against scams like these. We would never ask for your bank details so please never give them out to anyone.

If you’ve been contacted by someone who has asked for your bank details please report it to us on (01282) 661661.