Five Year Housing Land Supply

Each year, we have to identify enough specific deliverable sites to provide a minimum of five years’ worth of housing against either:

  • our housing requirement, set out in our adopted strategic policies 

or, if these policies are more than five years old

  • our local housing need, which is calculated by the Government’s standard method

We have to do this to support Government priorities to boost the supply of housing.

What is a specific deliverable site?

Generally, it is a site that:

  • is available for housing now
  • is in a suitable location for development now
  • has a realistic prospect that housing will be delivered on the site within 5 years

Sites must be deliverable in accordance with:

Sites can be added or removed as circumstances change, and the number of homes completed on-site each year (the delivery rate) is not fixed. This rate can be revised, based on the latest information provided by site promoters and developers.


The Five Year Housing Land Supply (5YHLS) must also include a buffer of 5% to ensure choice and competition in the market for land. This buffer must be increased:

  • to 10% if we want to show our Five Year Housing Land Supply through a recently adopted local plan or an annual position statement; or
  • to 20% if there has been significant under delivery of new homes in the preceding three years, to improve the prospect of achieving the planned supply

The 10% and 20% buffers are not currently applied in Pendle.

Five Year Housing Land Supply Figure for Pendle

The housing requirement for Pendle is set out in Policy LIV1 of the Pendle Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy. This document was adopted on 17 December 2015, and is now more than five years old. The Five Year Housing Land Supply for Pendle is therefore calculated against our Local Housing Need figure. This is currently 140 dwellings per annum.

Read our Five Year Housing Land Supply Statements

Annual Assessment

The latest assessment shows that in Pendle there are enough specific deliverable sites to provide 5.61 years’ worth of housing. This is when measured against the figure generated by the Government’s Standard Method.

The results for the Council’s Five Year Housing Land Supply position, before April 2018, are in our Authority Monitoring Report.