Recycling is collected every fortnight. On collection day, put your bin at the edge of your property no later than 7.30 am.

When is my collection day?

Find out using our interactive map. Check our bank holiday collections for any alterations

Order a new recycling container

Order new or replacement recycling containers

Missed bin

My bin has not been collected

Remove my unwanted bin

Tell us if you have a bin you don't want anymore and we'll take it away

Assisted collection

If you're elderly or have mobility issues, let us know and we can help with your collections

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Where your nearest tip is, and when it is open

Home Composting

Find out how to start composting, and get cheap composting bins

Where does my recycling go?

What do we do with your recycling once we've collected it?

Green bin

Find out how you can recycle your garden waste.

Brown bin

This is for recycling glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and cans/tins. This lists everything you can recycle in your brown bin.

Blue bin/cardboard box

This is for recycling paper and cardboard. This lists everything you can recycle in your blue bin or in a cardboard box.

Looking after your bin

Advice on keeping it clean

Community RePaint

Recycle your left over paint

Real nappies

Easy to use, and easy on the environment - find out more

Love food, hate waste

Make the most of the food you have

Open door

Recycle your old furniture and household items