Garden waste

Garden waste collections paused for winter

We do not collect garden waste (green bin) in December, January and February.

We will stop collecting garden waste on 4 December and will start collections again in March.

You cannot sign up to the garden waste scheme now until March 2024.

When is my collection day?

Find out using our interactive map. Check our bank holiday collections for any alterations

Sign up for garden waste collections (paused for winter)

Register for, or renew your garden waste collection service

Missed bin

Tell us if your bin collection has been missed

Home composting

Link to the Get Composting website where you can find out how to start composting, and get cheap composting bins

Garden waste information

Everything you need to know about our garden waste scheme

Get rid of your green bin

If you don't want a garden waste collection, we can take your green bin away

Order a new bin

Order bins and recycling containers

Gardening tips

Handy month by month tips for gardeners

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