Hackney Carriage unmet demand final report 

This is the final report following a hackney carriage survey to see if Pendle has any unmet demand. 

Hackney carriage and private hire driver's licence

How to get a licence to drive a taxi

Hackney carriage vehicle licence

How to get a licence for your hackney carriage

Private hire vehicle licence

How to get a licence for your private hire vehicle

Private hire operators licence

How to get a private hire operators licence

Licence fees

How much it costs to operate and run hackney carriages and private hire vehicles

Transfer of vehicle licence

Both the existing and the new vehicle owner needs to complete this form to inform us that a taxi has transferred ownership.

Taxi Licensing Policy

The latest version of our Taxi Licensing Policy

Testing stations

A list of approved MOT testing stations 

Online payments

You can pay for taxi licences using our online payments system

Taxi Licensing Committee

Check what happened at previous meetings of the Taxi Licensing Committee

Advice for passengers

Your rights as a passenger, and how to complain

Wheelchair accessible taxis

A list of the taxis in Pendle that are wheelchair accessible