Key Performance Information

Residual household waste per household

This performance indicator (PI) is used to measure the actual amount (in kilograms) of residual household waste collected from each household in Pendle over a year.

We collect this information on an annual basis.

Residual household waste is the amount of waste we have collected, minus the waste we have sent for reuse, recycling or composting. We then divide this figure by the number of households in Pendle. This gives us an overall average for the households across Pendle.

This PI has been used for a number of years and is therefore valuable in measuring our ongoing performance.

We produce estimated data to coincide with our corporate quarterly reporting cycle. The true data is usually confirmed two months after the end of each quarter, although because some of the input comes from other sources, this confirmation can be subject to delays.

To show good performance for this indicator we need to see the numbers come down, which would then indicate we are collecting less waste.