Anti-social behaviour

Report Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour can be any one of the following:

Anti-social Behaviour Team and Victims' Champions are made up of our Community Safety Team and other partners. It is responsible for dealing with complex and/or persistent cases of anti-social behaviour.

This could mean one type of anti-social behaviour experienced over a long period. It could also mean a combination of types where one service has been unable to solve the problem.

Cases may be referred by Operational Services, Environmental Services, the Police, your local councillor or MP. You can also contact us at

Our Waste Management Services are responsible for graffiti removal, fly-tipping, litter, abandoned vehicles, dog fouling and stray dogs.

We aim to remove racist or offensive graffiti within 24 hours and all other graffiti within five days subject to the building owner's permission.

Our Environmental Health Team are responsible for public health; pollution; domestic noise nuisance. Domestic noise nuisance can include loud music, parties, shouting, barking dogs and banging doors. It does not include noise created outside the home on the pavement or street.

Our Licensing Enforcement Team are responsible for making sure that licensed premises operate within the terms of their alcohol, entertainment or gambling licenses. This includes the prevention of under-age alcohol sales, and concerns about the abuse of licensing laws by pubs, clubs or arcades.

Our Parks Service are responsible for maintenance of parks, including removal of litter, dog fouling and the enforcement of the parks by-laws.

Lancashire Constabulary is responsible:

  • for dealing with anti social behaviour in public areas,
  • rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour,
  • under-age drinking,
  • dogs dangerously out of control,
  • vandalism,
  • verbal abuse,
  • hate incidents,
  • vehicle nuisance.

The Police provide the only 24 hour response service for anti social behaviour.

Telephone: 101

You can find your Neighbourhood Policing Team and their direct contact numbers at the Lancashire Constabulary website. By typing in your postcode you can get the mobile telephone number of your community beat manager and Police Community Support Officer.

Your neighbourhood website will also have the date, time and location of the next Police and Community Together meeting. Where you can raise any issue about anti-social behaviour.

Registered Social Landlords provide social housing in Pendle and have significant scope for dealing with anti social behaviour of all types. They are not limited by tenure or location as long as it affects their housing management function.

The key providers in Pendle are:


Smile Mediation provides specialist mediation in East Lancashire. It is an independent group providing a non-confrontational approach to resolving a range of disputes including neighbour disputes. it need not involve face to face contact unless the parties want to do this.