Steven Burke Sports Hub

Procedures for using the track

If you've made a group booking for the track, these are the procedures you need to follow:

Access to the cycle hub is via Swinden playing fields off Cravendale Avenue in Nelson (BB9 8SJ).

Facilities at Swinden include a car park for 30 to 40 cars. There is additional parking on Cravendale Avenue. There is also a pavilion with toilets. The nearest public toilets are situated at Asda in Colne on Corporation Street, BB9 8LU.

There is alternative access via Bullholme Playing Fields – off Wilton Street in Barrowford, BB9 8PU. However, due to football at Bullholme you should avoid this entrance at weekends between September and May.

Groups who want to book the car park and pavilion as well as the cycle track will be given a set of keys. It is the Group's responsibility to open and close the facility. The changing rooms will be locked, except for the odd occasion when the pavilion is being used by a football or rugby club. 

You can collect keys from Fleet Street Depot in Nelson, BB9 7YQ prior to your event. If you give us enough notice, we can post the keys to you. Keys must be returned to Fleet Street or posted back within seven days following your event. Fleet Street depot is only opened Monday to Friday 8.30am until 5pm and there is no out of hours post box in use.

The keys will open the security gate, the pavilion and the barrier to the car park. The barrier key opens all of the barriers at the site and track.

If your booking is at night, we will give you a key to turn on the flood lights. If you don't return any of the keys we give you, we will add a £10 charge to your invoice. 

You can book an attendant if you don't want the responsibility of handling the keys. There is an extra charge of £10 per hour for this. 

If you want to look around the facilities before you use them, contact to arrange a visit.

When you are using the cycle track, leave all access and entrance gates locked to stop public access. After your session, please leave the gates unlocked.

If there is an accident and you need an ambulance, the access to the cycle track for the ambulance is via Wilton Street in Barrowford. The barrier underneath the motorway bridge will need to be opened. Ambulance crews have been given instructions on how to access Bullholme and Swinden playing fields.

Cycle track do's and dont's

  • Always ride the circuit anti clockwise only
  • Slower riders should keep to the left (inside of the circuit) and be aware of other riders approaching and passing
  • Likewise, overtaking riders should do so safely and responsibly
  • No unauthorised coaching, racing or speed training is allowed when the circuit is open to the public (maximum speed 15 MPH)
  • Always ride with care and courtesy to other users
  • Children under 12 should be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • Walkers and cyclists should be considerate towards each other and give appropriate warnings
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