Steven Burke Sports Hub

Steven Burke Cycle Hub

The Steven Burke Sports Hub is a 1.1km road circuit at Swinden playing fields. There is a cycle track and a BMX pump track.

Cycle Track

The cycle track is open all day, every day, and you can just turn up and use it for free.

There are some times when the track is booked out for organised sessions. We never take bookings between 7am and 10am so it's always available to use then.

Details of bookings are also posted on the notice boards at the side of the track, and at the pavilion off Cravendale Avenue. 

Hiring the Cycle Track

Organisations and groups can book the cycle track for special sessions or events.

Fees for hiring the Cycle Track

  Price per hour Price per hour incl. VAT Price per day Price per day incl. VAT Price per half day Price per half day incl. VAT
Members clubs affiliated to the Cycling Development Pendle Partnership or to British Cycling £16.67 £20 £100 £120 £50 £60
Non-affiliated cycling organisations or other sporting activities £20.83 £25 £125 £150 £66.67 £80

Officer discretion may be used for certain bookings, depending on the nature of the booking and the age group of participants. Email or telephone 01282 661600 for further information

How to book the Cycle Track

To make a booking, you need to:

Your booking is not complete until you receive a written confirmation from ourselves or Cycle Development Pendle Partnership (CDPP).

Alternatively, you can:

BMX pump track

Cyclists on dips on BMX track

People of all ages from 6 or 7 and up can use the 400 metre BMX track for free. There’s an inner track for beginners and also a small trials bike area with obstacles for cyclists to practice their bike tricks.

The BMX track is open for use all day every day, except for Saturday mornings from 9.30am until 12pm. This is when the Pendle Panthers BMX Group meet. The Group is open for children from the age of 6 or 7, depending on their skills. If you're interested in joining, the Group meets at the clubhouse every Saturday morning at 9.30am. There is more information on the Pendle Panthers BMX Group Facebook page.  

Cycle hub map