Steven Burke Sports Hub

Terms and Conditions for booking the Cycle Hub

Steven Burke Cycle Hub – Conditions of Hire and Use

  1. Payment will be by invoice at the end of each month – future bookings will be cancelled or suspended if a debt is not paid in full.
  2. A list of groups booked to use the closed road circuit will be displayed on Friday afternoon for the following week, on the notice board situated outside Swinden pavilion and at the main entrance to the Circuit.
  3. The Council reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time.
  4. No litter, including cans and bottles, are to be left on the closed road circuit or any of the surrounding area. It is your responsibility to remove it – under no circumstances should alcohol be consumed by riders or spectators – failure to do so may result in your club being banned from using the facility.


  1. Taking collections is allowed providing the proceeds are for the benefit of local clubs or local charities and you get permission from the Environmental Services Manager first.


  1. The preparation and sale of refreshments is allowed. Council employees do not accept any liability of duty as to the receipt, sale or storage of such.

Closed Road Circuit (The Circuit)

  1. We will hold fully insured, the whole of the Circuit area and property contained therein owned by the Council.
  2. We will not accept liability for any damage or loss by fire, theft or any other cause of any property brought into the Circuit area and facilities.
  3. As the hirer of the Circuit, you are responsible for all damages done to that portion or property belonging to the Council and will make good damage to the satisfaction of the Council, wear and tear excepted.
  4. The Circuit must be used for the purpose for which it is hired for, it can't be sub-let and you can't assign any portion to any other person. You must vacate the Circuit once the period of the hire has expired, otherwise an extra charge will be made.
  5. You must leave the facilities as you find them, adhere to the rules associated with the Circuit and display orderly conduct at all times. Any club whose members consistently leave the facilities in an unsatisfactory manner or found guilty of disorderly conduct may be refused further use of our facilities or face additional charges.
  6. You are advised to lock the entrance gates around the perimeter fence when using the Circuit. This is to ensure that there is no unauthorised access during the hired period.


  1. If you need lighting, you will be given a key to access the lights prior to your first session. We will show you how to put the lights on. At the end of the session, you must make sure that the lights are switched off and the cabinet is locked (unless another session is booked to take place after yours).
  2. Keys should be handed back to the following address no later than 2 working days after your session:
Environmental Services
Fleet Street Depot
Fleet Street


  1. You must hold the relevant insurance cover when using our facilities. A copy of the relevant insurance cover must be submitted prior to the first use for inspection.

User Monitoring

  1. You must complete a user monitoring form after each session and email it back to within 1 week. Alternatively, you can post it to us. Please help us to capture this information and be as accurate as possible (we appreciate this can be difficult sometimes).