Street naming and numbering

To report a defective nameplate, request additional nameplates or discuss problems you are experiencing with deliveries, email

We provide clear, easy to read nameplates for streets and roads for the convenience of the public and also to help the postal and emergency services.  

It is an offence for anyone to pull down a nameplate or to place a notice or advertisement within 30cm of one. You can be fined if you do this.

Registering street names and numbers

We register all new developments and allocate names for the roads and numbers for the properties, although it is the developer's responsibility to provide the required street nameplates. Royal Mail creates new postcodes and enters the addresses onto its database once they have received details of the development from us.

If your house has a name but no number, then the name must be registered on the Royal Mail's database. If the house has a number as well as a name, you do not have to register the name unless you wish it to be recognised as part of the official address.