Supplementary planning documents

Design principles

The Design Principles Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out specific design guidelines for household extensions, shop fronts and advertisements. The SPD supplements Policy 13 (Quality and Design of New Developments) of the adopted Replacement Pendle Local Plan (2001-2016).

Its aim is to provide guidance to people applying for planning permission on the types of householder developments, shopfronts and advertisements which are likely to be acceptable.

What's happening next?

The Design Principles SPD was adopted by Pendle Council on the 10th December 2009. The content of the SPD is relatively enduring; however consideration will be given to its review if aspects of the advice are no longer relevant.

What have we done so far?

The Design Principles SPD has three main sections. The first relates to Householder Developments. This section gives advice on all aspects of development which could affect dwellings such as extensions, conservatories and dormer windows.

The second section is specific to shopfronts and the principles that shopfronts should follow including signage and materials, amongst others.

The third section relates to advertisements and includes advice on those aspects which need to be considered in an application such as lighting.

Documents to download

Adopted Design Principles SPD