Supplementary planning documents

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) are planning policy documents which provide supplementary guidance to policies in the Local Plan.

SPDs were introduced as part of the reforms made to the planning system through the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. The preparation of SPDs is optional.

The Localism Act 2011 and the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 provide the most up-to-date legislation in relation to Local Plans and DPDs.

Pendle's SPDs

The Council currently has five SPDs. The table below provides a summary of the purpose and status of Pendle's SPDs.




Brierfield Canal Corridor

Provides guidance to assist in the preparation of proposals for the redevelopment of a number of key sites within the Brierfield Canal Corridor area. 

Adopted October 2005 

Conservation Area Design and Development Guidance

Provides guidance on design of development in Conservation Areas.

Adopted August 2008

Design Principles

Provides design guidance for householder extension, shopfronts and advertisements.  

Adopted December 2009

Railway Street Neighbourhood, Brierfield

Provides guidance to assist in the preparation of proposals for the redevelopment of a number of key sites within the Brierfield Railway Street Neighbourhood. 

Adopted December 2010 

Development in the Open Countryside and AONB

Will provide detailed guidance for development located in the Open Countryside and National Landscape.  

Preparation work to commence 2020

How is a SPD prepared?

There are a number of stages in the preparation of a SPD and these are set out in the regulations. A summary of each stage is described below:

Stage 1 - Public Participation (Regulation 12)

Early engagement and collaboration should take place with the local community, including neighbourhoods, local organisations and businesses, so that, as far as possible, it reflects an agreed set of priorities for sustainable development in the area, including those contained in any neighbourhood plans that have been made.

The Council must produce a statement setting out who has been consulted, a summary of the issues raised and how they have been addressed.

Stage 2 - Representations on Supplementary Planning Documents (Regulation 13)

Any person may make a representation about a SPD during a formal public consultation, of not less than four weeks, to allow people to view and recommend changes to the supplementary planning document, should they wish to do so.

All representations will be carefully considered. Where the recommendations are considered beneficial, the supplementary planning document will be amended accordingly.

Stage 3 - Adoption of Supplementary Planning Documents (Regulation 14)

The Council can adopt a supplementary planning document; there is no need for an independent examination. However, as soon as reasonably practicable after the date of adoption, the Council must:

Publish an adoption statement in the local press and send a copy to any person who has asked to be notified of the adoption of the supplementary planning document.

Make all relevant documents and the adoption statement available at those locations where they were on display during the formal public consultation.