You might need permission to demolish a building. It depends on things like the type and size of building and where it is located.

If you want to carry out demolition work, you have to:

  • tell us about it in writing
  • give us six weeks notice
  • provide details of the building
  • provide details of the works to be carried out
  • apply for a Demolition Notice

We have six weeks to respond with the appropriate notices and consultations. This process usually only takes a few days. 

What we expect from you

  • before any work starts, send a letter to any neighbours, telling them about the work and what to expect
  • give a contact name and telephone number
  • keep them informed
  • deal promptly with any complaints received on site
  • do not let vehicles or materials block or damage the pavements
  • do not leave obstacles, holes or trenches where they are a danger, especially to disabled people

We may charge you for any damage caused to pavements, kerbs or verges by lorries or heavy plant.


We monitor construction activities to minimise pollution caused by noise, dust and other nuisances. If you operate a construction or demolition site, you should apply for consent to make sure your noise is controlled.

Our Pollution Control Section provides consent following application.

Read our Code of Practice on Construction and Demolition, which sets out suitable controls for noise and dust.