Demolition Notice Form

Complete this form to notify the Council of your intention to demolish a building. You must not start a demolition until you have received a Notice from us confirming what we need you to do. We will respond within 6 weeks of you submitting this form.

As part of the application you should upload a location plan, to a scale of 1-1250, outlining the building or part of the building to be demolished in red.

A method statement should also be uploaded with this application.

You normally do not need to give notice when demolishing:

  • Buildings which have an external size of less than 50 cubic metres (less than the average double garage)
  • Extensions on a larger building that consists of an attached conservatory, shed or garage
  • Buildings used solely as agricultural buildings
  • Work in occupied buildings where it is intended that it should continue to be occupied

Please contact us for advice if you believe the demolition fits into one of these categories.