Landlords' Portal

Our online service to help Landlords keep on top of managing tenancies.

Energy efficiency standards

Landlords have to meet minimum standards for energy efficiency

Getting possession of your property back

To regain possession of a property, landlords have to follow certain legal procedures.

Tenancy deposit protection schemes

Any deposit you receive from a tenant must be put into one of three Government authorised tenancy deposit schemes.

Anti social behaviour

As a landlord, you need to take complaints of anti social behaviour seriously.

Late or unpaid rent

How to minimise issues with late or unpaid rent from your tenants.

Universal Credit

What does Universal Credit mean to landlords? What you need to do and how you can get help

Finding tenants

How to get as much information as possible before granting someone a tenancy.

Finance from your property

Advice about managing the finances from your rental property.

Standards and enforcement

There are laws to protect the health, safety and welfare of your tenants.

Fire and carbon monoxide

You must assess and minimise the risk of fire and carbon monoxide in your property.

Gas safety

You have to make sure gas appliances, fittings and flues provided for tenants are safe.

Electrical safety

You have to make sure all electrical equipment is safe.

Asbestos safety

You have to manage any asbestos in a tenanted property correctly.

Housing health and safety rating system

This is the official system we use to assess housing conditions.

Houses in multiple occupation

Standards and obligations for houses occupied by more than one household