I am leaving care

You need to complete our Homelessness Enquiry Form.

We'll contact you as soon as possible after we receive it. Being 'at risk' of becoming homeless means that you are likely to become homeless within the next 56 days.

If you become homeless when our offices are not open, ring us on 01282 661999. We can help to get you emergency overnight accommodation.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you have already left care, but you have been in care for a total of at least 13 weeks since the age of 14 and part of that time was while you were 16 or 17. It does not matter if the 13 weeks was not all at the same time. 

What support should I get?

Lancashire County Council should make sure that you have a personal adviser who will keep in touch with you and support you to achieve the things set out in your pathway plan.

Your housing options

If you are aged between 16 and 24, we will refer your case to the HAPI (Homelessness Awareness Prevention Interventions) scheme. They can:

  • answer questions about homelessness and housing issues
  • provide independent advice and guidance 
  • tell you about all the different options available to you
  • explain what you are entitled to and what your right are
  • provide support with housing and referrals to projects both in and out of Pendle
  • liaise with landlords either to help you get accommodation or to discuss issues you are having with a landlord 
  • provide unofficial mediation and support you to contact family or friends and build positive relationships
  • refer you to other agencies such as counselling, drug and alcohol
  • help you when applying for benefits and budgeting money
  • help you if you are worried about your own safety or the safety of others
  • give you support either over the telephone or face to face
  • provide support for as long as you need it (past your 18th birthday if needed)

Supported housing

As someone leaving care, you will receive additional priority for supported housing funded by Lancashire County Council. In Pendle, this includes Safespace and Stepping Stone housing.

If you become homeless

You can't apply as homeless until after your 18th birthday, as your accommodation needs would be met by Lancashire County Council.After your 18th birthday, you would be considered to be an automatic priority until the age of 21 and potentially even after that if you are still vulnerable.

B-with-us choice-based lettings scheme

If you meet the following criteria, you will be awarded band 1 for social housing:

  • someone leaving care over the age of 18 who is threatened with homelessness and who will continue to be supported by their local Leaving Care Team

Local Housing Allowance - shared room rate exemption

Young people under the age of 25 are entitled to rent payments at the level of the cost of a room in a shared house. If you are leaving care and aged between 18 and 21, you are exempt from the 'shared room rate' but once you are 22 you can only get the shared room rate. Bear this in mind if you are moving into a new home and think that you can continue to claim benefits after the age of 22.

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