I am homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

You need to complete our Homelessness Enquiry Form.

We'll contact you as soon as possible after we receive it. Being 'at risk' of becoming homeless means that you are likely to become homeless within the next 56 days.

If you become homeless when our offices are not open, ring us on 01282 661999. We can help to get you emergency overnight accommodation.

Help available

We look at your enquiry, and see if you qualify for any help. We need proof of your circumstances. We will ask you to tell us how you came to be homeless. if you need help to get this information, let us know.


You need to prove that you are allowed to stay in the UK. This proof can be:

  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • immigration/Home Office documents
  • proof of income - either from a job, or benefits

Eligible for help but not homeless

We can give you help and advice.

Eligible for help, homeless and in priority need

If you are homeless, eligible for help, and in priority need, we will offer you temporary accommodation. This could be a hostel, bed and breakfast or a refuge. Then we will make further enquiries so we can give you the right help.

At risk of becoming homeless within 56 days

We will:

  • tell you about the ways we can help to try and prevent you from becoming homeless
  • help you to make a housing plan, that stops you from becoming homeless
  • give you help and support for 56 days to try and stop you from becoming homeless

If it's not possible to help, and you do become homeless, you will enter something called the 'relief' stage.

What is the relief stage?

We will:

  • help to make a housing plan to relieve your homelessness
  • give you advice and support for 56 days to try and relieve your homelessness

Making a housing plan

This is how we help you to make a housing plan:

  • we find out what has caused you to become homeless or to become at risk of being homeless
  • we look at your housing needs and any support needs you have so that we cna help you to get the right accommodation
  • we write down what actions you need to take, and what actions we will take
  • you have to work with us, and follow our advice and guidance to prevent you from losing your home
  • we look at your needs and wishes as far as possible against what accommodation is available. You need to try to be realistics about the choices in your housing plan

If you are homeless and you do not have a local connection to Pendle, we might refer your case to a council where you do have a local connection.

Preventing you from becoming homeless

We will try to help you resolve your housing issues where possible. If we can't, we will tell you about other places who may be able to. We will try to give you advice that helps you without you having to leave your current accommodation. We might be able to help you with:


Help and advice if your home is in danger of being repossessed.

Parents want me to leave

We can help provide mediation so that you can stay at home or go back there.

Notice to leave private rented accommodation

We can check that the notices are legal. If the notice you have received is because you are in rent arrears, we can help to resolve housing benefit issues.

Repair issues

We can help if your landlord is not maintaining your house properly. 

Harassment and illegal evictions

We can refer you to our Environmental Health Team. They might be able to help resolve issues with your landlord and make sure you know your rights.

Domestic abuse

We can refer you to specialist agencies who might be able to help.

Rehousing options

Your rehousing options often depend on your age and your own particular circumstances. Options include: