Residents parking

Residents' only parking schemes

We carry out initial survey work for residents' only parking schemes on behalf of Lancashire County Council.

If you want residents' only parking on your street, here's the process you need to go through:

Petition stage

  • Get a petition together with as many signatures of residents of the street as possible, so that we can gauge how many people are interested
  • Send the petition to:
Neighbourhood Services
Transport and Co-ordination
Elliott House
Market Square

Committee stage

  • The petition is sent to the appropriate Area Committee
  • If the Area Committee resolve to investigate, officers will carry out a survey, consulting with residents
  • The results of the survey need to meet certain guidelines set out by LCC
  • A report with the results of the survey, and a recommendation is then sent to the appropriate committee
  • The Councillors of that committee then decide if they are in favour of introducing a residents only parking scheme

Lancashire County Council stage

  • If Councillors decide that they are in favour, we refer the decision to LCC. They are responsible for highways, and make the final decision
  • If LCC agree, then a traffic regulation order is advertised, and signs and lines are erected

Buying a permit

  • Residents can then buy permits, one for each vehicle registered at the property, and one visitors permit per property
  • Permits currently cost £17 each for the year

Administration, payment and renewal of the permits is managed on-line by Chipside on behalf of Pendle Borough Council.