Climate Change

What are we doing to tackle climate change?

In 2019 we declared a climate emergency. Since then, we have worked to tackle climate change. One way we are doing this, is through our Climate Emergency Working Group.

Climate Emergency Action Plan

We have a Climate Emergency Action Plan to help us to achieve our annual carbon reduction targets. The main themes of the plan are:

  • supporting and enabling sustainable travel
  • reducing carbon emissions and energy demand from the built environment
  • reducing the harmful impacts of waste and water consumption
  • supporting our communities to take action 
  • supporting our future generations to find solutions
  • making sure we consider climate change in everything we do
  • supporting biodiversity and the natural environment to help local carbon off setting opportunities

We urge all Pendle residents and businesses to join us on the mission to tackle climate change.

Climate Emergency Working Group

The Climate Emergency Working Group monitors the implementation and performance of the plan to make sure we are all working with the environment in mind. 

Read the Climate Emergency Working Group meeting minutes

Action we have taken so far

  • Exceeded our target to plant 3,000 trees this year by planting 5,000 trees thanks to help from volunteers and Park Friends groups
  • Changed our fleet of 44 vehicles including bin wagons and street sweepers, with every vehicle giving off the lowest emissions possible
  • Fitted a number of buildings with solar panels, including Nelson Town Hall, Fleet Street depot, Wavelengths, West Craven Leisure Centre and Colne Leisure Centre
  • Reduced our carbon emissions by 5% every year
  • Worked with our energy suppliers to ensure they use renewable sources
  • Encouraged staff to cycle into work, with lockers now in place for bike helmets and other cycling gear

What can you do to help tackle climate change?

You can work out your own carbon footprint using the World Wildlife Fund's Environmental Footprint Calculator

The World Wildlife Fund website also has information on things you can do to fight climate change.

The BBC website has information about ten simple ways to act on climate change.

Home and Energy Efficiency  

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is a great way to help the environment and reduce your bills. 

This may include things like:

  • Installing Double Glazing 
  • Improving your home's insulation
  • Switching to a green energy tariff 

Visit our Energy Efficiency web pages for information on help available for energy improvements.

For personalised advice on how to reduce your energy bills try Simple Energy Advice’s service - Reduce your energy bills.

For wider information on how to save money on your heating bills, visit the Cosy Homes in Lancashire website

The Ofgem website has information on government schemes, grants and benefits to help with home energy.

Nature and Diversity 

Rewilding and planting are great ways to play your part in the fight against climate change. 

If you are new to gardening you can learn the basics of gardening on the Royal Horticultural Society website

If you are a more experienced gardener, have a look how you can make your garden more environmentally conscious 

Waste and Recycling

The amount of waste that domestic households throw away is increasing. Materials like glass, metals and plastics eat away at the earth’s limited resources. It is really important that both businesses and households recycle their waste. 


In 2019 transportation made up 35% of Pendle’s carbon footprint. Sustainable travel can be: