Climate Change

In 2019 we declared a climate emergency.

We have a target for Pendle Council to be carbon-neutral by 2030 and we’re working to reduce our carbon footprint year on year.

We need to act quickly to protect Pendle’s environment, people and economy.

What if we don't act?

If we don't do anything, we might see:

  • more extreme weather conditions and events such as flooding and heatwaves
  • negative impacts on our health and wellbeing
  • collapsed ecosystems such as extinction of our plants, animals and insects species
  • crop failures
  • disruptions to our local infrastructure and economy

What are we doing to tackle climate change?

We have a Climate Emergency Working Group. We have an action plan to help us to achieve our annual carbon reduction targets. The main themes of the plan are:

  • supporting and enabling sustainable travel
  • reducing carbon emissions and energy demand from the built environment
  • reducing the harmful impacts of waste and water consumption
  • supporting our communities to take action 
  • supporting our future generations to find solutions
  • making sure we consider climate change in everything we do
  • supporting biodiversity and the natural environment to help local carbon off setting opportunities

We urge all Pendle residents and businesses to join us on the mission to tackle climate change.

Action we have taken so far

  • Exceeded our target to plant 3,000 trees this year by planting 5,000 trees thanks to help from volunteers and Park Friends groups
  • Changed our fleet of 44 vehicles including bin wagons and street sweepers, with every vehicle giving off the lowest emissions possible
  • Fitted a number of buildings with solar panels, including Nelson Town Hall, Fleet Street depot, Wavelengths, West Craven Leisure Centre and Colne Leisure Centre
  • Reduced our carbon emissions by 5% every year
  • Worked with our energy suppliers to ensure they use renewable sources
  • Encouraged staff to cycle into work, with lockers now in place for bike helmets and other cycling gear
  • Read about the other actions in our Climate Emergency Action Plan
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