Bereavement Services

How do I buy a grave? 

Enquiry form for purchasing a grave.

Request a grave search

Find out where a relative or loved one is buried.

Notice of interment

Complete this form to make sure that a grave is prepared and ready for a burial.

Notice of interment - bespoke

Complete this form to arrange for ashes to go in one of our modern ashes sections.

Request a memorial wall plaque

Application for a personalised plaque on a memorial wall.

Application form to erect a memorial

Application for a memorial at a grave site.

Statutory declaration form

Complete this form if the deceased was the grave owner and you are acting on their behalf.

Cemeteries fees and charges

A list of current cemeteries fees and charges.

Cemetery rules and regulations

You can read the rules and regulations surrounding cemeteries.

Public Health Funerals

What our responsibilities are if no funeral arrangements have been made

Tell us once

Report a death to most government organisations in one go.

Barrowford cemetery

Also contains the Jo Belbin Woodland Cemetery.

Colne cemetery

The largest and oldest cemetery in our care, situated off Keighley Road, Colne.

Earby cemetery

Also known as Wheatlands Cemetery.

Ghyll cemetery

Next to St Mary Le Ghyll Church, on the outskirts of Barnoldswick.

Nelson cemetery

Situated off Walton Lane, and one of our more urban style cemeteries.

Salterforth cemetery

The smallest and most rural cemetery we have in our care, situated on Salterforth Lane.

Memorial safety inspections

How we make sure memorials in our cemeteries are safe.

Wallace Hartley memorial

A memorial to RMS Titanic's bandleader stands in Colne Cemetery.

Bereavement counselling

A collection of counselling services from local and national organisations.

Contact us

Get in touch about any of our services.