Building regulations approval

Apply for building regulations approval

The type of building regulations approval you will need depends on the work you are intending to carry out. 

Domestic work

We recommend using a Full Plans Application for:

  • Extensions
  • Loft conversions
  • New dwellings or flats
  • Garage conversions
  • Barn conversions

Your completed application must contain:

Commercial work

We need a Full Plans Application for:

  • Any building work that comes under building regulation control (offices, shops, factories, hotels, public houses, and non-residential buildings)

Your completed application must contain:

Building notice application form

Building notices are useful if you are working on smaller projects. Work can proceed quickly without submitting plans. It can't be used for certain projects such as shops and offices, where there are requirements for means of escape in case of fire.

Your completed building notice application form must contain:

Replacement windows notice form

For replacement windows and doors with over 50% glass. 

Regularisation Application Form

If building work has already been carried out that you should have informed us about, you will need to submit a regularisation form.

Your completed application form must contain:

Demolition Notice

If you wish to carry out a demolition, a Demolition Notice Form must be filled in and submitted to us along with a location plan highlighting the property to be demolished and a Method Statement for the proposal.

Submitting an application 

Send completed applications via email to:

Alternatively, post them to: 

Building Control Manager
Pendle Borough Council
Market Street

Check sheet and fees

Information booklets

Building control

Tel: 01282 661727

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