Save energy in your home

Green deal schemes

You can use the Green Deal service to make energy saving improvements to your home, without having to pay for them all at once. You off-set the costs against your energy bills. Private energy firms can provide you with improvements designed to boost the energy efficiency of your homes, such as:

  • Insulation, such as loft or cavity-wall,
  • Draught proofing,
  • Double glazing,
  • Renewable energy technologies, e.g. solar panels,
  • Heating

This means you can reduce your heating bills, and rather than pay large costs up front, the full cost of improvements is spread out over several years through instalments on your energy bills.

For information on how to access this service:

Choose your Green Deal Assessor carefully to make sure you don't waste money. 

The process begins with a Green Deal Assessment being carried out. The Energy Savings Trust are providing the Government's advisory service for this scheme.

They can be contacted on 0300 123 1234.

A number of residents have told us they've been in contact with companies providing Green Deal assessments who are charging around £150. 

Residents need to be sure that the report they pay for will be followed up by the assessor and result in work actually being carried out. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

We have not appointed any Green Deal Assessors, but we are working with companies who can provide the full service of assessment, planning, funding and installation.

Our advice to anyone who'd like to improve the energy efficiency of their home:

  • Contact the Council for advice on the Green Deal and the Government ECO scheme by emailing,
  • Talk to the Energy Savings Trust on their helpline 0300 123 1234 for more information about the way Green Deal works and to find an assessor