Domestic bulky waste collection

Bulky waste collections are free, but there is incredibly high demand at the moment.

If you cannot find a slot, please try again later, or take your items to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Slots are released as follows:

  • Barrowford and Pendleside villages - Monday
  • Brierfield and Reedley - Monday
  • Barnoldswick - Tuesday
  • Colne - Wednesday
  • Nelson - Thursday and Friday

Bulky Collections checklist

  • Give details of ALL the items that need collecting. If you don’t list them, we won't collect them
  • Put items out by 7.30am on the day of collection. If they aren't there, you will have to fill the form in again
  • We will not come into your home, but we will come onto your property e.g. driveway, garden or yard. You need to make sure that we can access the collection place you have specified. For example, if you leave an item in your yard then you need to leave your gate unlocked
  • We need the items we are collecting to be easy to find and identify. If they are left with other items, it can be confusing to know what to take
  • Fridges and freezers must be completely empty of food
  • Carpets need to be cut up or as a small roll that is easy to remove (this will count as one item)

This form is for bulky items only, and cannot be used for bags of household waste or commercial waste. 

DIY Waste collections

Fill in a separate DIY waste collection form if you have any DIY waste. We need to visit your property and give you a quote for removing these items.