Domestic Bin deliveries - conditions of service

The service is for domestic properties and new developments only. If you are a business, you can find information on commercial collection services here.

Deliveries are only made to properties in the Pendle Council area.

What bins can I have?

Each house can have:

  • one 240 litre grey refuse bin
  • one 240 litre brown recycling bin
  • one 240 litre blue recycling bin
  • an optional 240 litre green recycling bin for garden waste

You can apply for extra recycling containers if you want. You can apply for an extra grey bin, but you may not qualify for one.


Flats can have the same bins as houses. Depending on how much storage there is, the bins may be bigger than 240 litres. They may be in a communal space.

Houses in Multiple Occupancy

Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) can have the same bins as houses. They may be bigger than 240 litres. The owner or manager of the HMO has to make sure there are enough bins. If you need extra collections, you might have to pay for them.

New housing developments

For new housing developments, the developer has to arrange for the delivery of the bins. For new developments, the cost is per bin, not per delivery. The bins are the property of Pendle Council at all times.

Lost, damaged or stolen bins

If your bin is lost, stolen or damaged by fire, you can arrange for a free replacement. The bins are the property of Pendle Council at all times. If we can, we will repair your bin rather than replace it e.g. fit a new lid or wheels.

Extra bins

If you are applying for an extra grey bin, there is a separate application process. You must be recycling as much as you can to be eligible for an extra grey bin. 

Your bin may be brand new, or refurbished, but it will be in good condition and fit for purpose. You can cancel your request up until midnight on the day before your scheduled delivery. We can cancel your bin request if you are not eligible. This is at our discretion.

We deliver bins according to our calendar schedule, except where we have attempted delivery as set out below. 

We deliver bins to the property requested. You cannot collect your bin in person. 

Bins for new properties can be delivered to a site compound or other storage area. Contact us to make arrangements at least six weeks in advance of the date you need

You do not have to be there when your bin is delivered, as we don't need a signature from you, but you do need to make sure we can access your property to deliver your bin. Make sure gates are not locked, and keep dogs indoors. If we can't access your property, we will try to deliver your bin again as soon as possible. We will try to deliver it twice. After that, you will need to request the bin again. We are not responsible for failing to deliver bins for reasons outside of our control.

If we deliver your bin but the bin already at your property is in good enough condition, we may not leave the replacement bin.

If we are delivering an extra grey bin, but you already have the maximum number of grey bins allowed, we may not leave the bin. 

If we are exchanging a damaged bin, then the damaged bin must be there for us to take away. If it is not, we will not leave the new bin. 

Bins belong to the property they are delivered to. You cannot remove them, or take them to another property without our permission. 

We have the right to repossess bins if they are being misused. This includes leaving them out between collections. 

If you move home, you have to leave all wheeled bins at the property for the new occupants. The bins are the property of Pendle Council. 

If you have ordered a grey bin, but it has not arrived before your next refuse collection day, you can leave your rubbish out for collection in bin bags. You can put a maximum of 4 bin bags out.

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