Volunteering in our green spaces

Volunteer opportunities

If you’d like to volunteer to help improve green spaces in the Pendle please email parks@pendle.gov.uk to book on.

We’d welcome your help! (even if you work during the day please get in touch)

Wear strong footwear. Dress appropriately for the weather for example; warm clothes, waterproofs or sun cream depending on the conditions.

Dates for volunteering events 

Date Time Location Meeting Point Task
Saturday 2 March 10am - 2pm Alkincoates Park Car park Alkincoates Road Creating a Miyawaki Woodland
Wednesday 6 March 10am - 12pm Victoria Park Cafe car park Footpath edging and gardening
Saturday 23 March 12pm - 2pm Ball Grove Park Cafe car park Planting a flowerbed
Thursday 28 March 10am - 12pm Sough Park Park entrance Graffiti removal and path clearing
Monday 8 April 12.30pm - 2.30pm Valley Gardens By the flag pole Footpath and tree management
Saturday 20 April 10am - 1pm Ball Grove Park Winewall car park Wildflower planting