Garden waste

Garden waste Terms and Conditions

You have agreed to pay Pendle Council to collect garden waste from your green wheeled bin.


Garden waste collections for 2021/22 run for 9 months between 1 July and 30 November 2021 and from 1 March until 30 June 2022.There are no collections in December, January or February.

Please put your new sticker on your bin as soon as you get it.


You have seven working days after receiving these Terms and Conditions to cancel this service. If you decide to cancel, you can email or write to Environmental Services, Fleet Street Depot, Nelson BB9 7YQ. You cannot cancel by phone.

Bin stickers

We won’t empty any bin that does not display a current original sticker, unless instructed to by a supervisor. If your sticker comes off or is lost please contact us. Do not photocopy or photograph the sticker. This would be seen as fraud.


There are no refunds or part refunds if you cancel the service part way through the year. If you misuse the service e.g. contaminate the contents of the green bin with non-garden waste, then we may have to cancel your collections. There will be no refund in these circumstances.


We will collect your garden waste fortnightly, except in December, January and February when there are no collections. We may notify you of any alterations to our service such as frequency of collections.

Missed bins

If we miss your bin, we will do our best to collect it as soon as possible. We do not give refunds for missing a bin or being unable to collect a bin. If we experience severe adverse weather, we will always make an effort to return and empty your bin when conditions improve.

What can I put in my green bin?

Your green bin must be used for garden waste from your property. Please put this into the bin loose and not in plastic bags. Garden waste includes grass cuttings, hedge clippings, tree loppings, twigs, bark, leaves, straw, hay, flowers, plants, small branches, fallen fruit and rabbit bedding. It does not include large branches, turf, earth, soil, stones or gravel.

What can't I put in my green bin?

If you put the wrong items in your garden waste bin we won’t empty it. If your bin is contaminated with the wrong things it is your responsibility to remove these items before the next collection. If the contamination continues, we may have to remove your garden waste bin. See also point 4 of these conditions. Contamination includes things like household rubbish, food/kitchen waste, card/paper, plastic, logs, thick branches, ragwort, soil, rubble, flower pots and plastic bags.

The bin lid must be completely closed and do not put any additional waste by the side of your bin or on the lid – it will not be collected.

Who owns the bin?

Garden waste bins are provided for use by residents, but they remain the property of Pendle Council.

How many bins can I have?

There is no limit to the number of bins that can be supplied per property. Each bin will be charged at the current annual subscription rate for the period the service runs. Only bins supplied by Pendle Council will be emptied.

Can I use a different container?

Garden waste put out in any other type of container or bin will not be collected.

Damaged bins

If your bin becomes damaged we will repair or replace it but you may have to pay an administration charge if the bin is damaged through neglect or misuse. Please refer to our Domestic Bin Deliveries – Conditions of Service for further information. 

Moving home

If you move to another address in Pendle, do not take any bins with you. Bins must remain at the address for which the subscription was paid. The address is on the bin sticker.


Garden waste collections have to be paid every year in advance. You will be notified of the charge and payment date in April/May each year. If you don’t pay by the specified payment date, we will withdraw our service until you re-join the scheme.