Winter weather



Gritting roads in Pendle is done by Lancashire County Council.


Some pavements and footpaths, mainly in our town centres, are a priority for gritting.

Grit bins

There are over 400 grit bins in Pendle, most of which are provided by Lancashire County Council and are filled before the start of winter. Other bins are owned by us, some by the Area Committees and some by housing associations. The grit bins are different colours depending on who owns them.

You may want to consider buying your own grit for use on your own path or drive. 

Although we provide staff to support the County Council, responsibility for the treatment of the highway remains a duty of the County Council.

If you are able, please make your own and your neighbours' lives a bit easier throughout the winter period by doing what you can. The same applies to shopkeepers and businesses - this will also help to maintain your trade.

Responsibility for treating car parks lies with the owners of the site.

Disruptions to refuse and recycling collections

Our refuse and recycling collection days may change in some areas because of bank holidays or severe weather.

Lancashire County Council 

Lancashire County Council provide highway, school, social services, library and gritting services in Pendle. You can visit their Winter Service web page where you can find:

The Met Office