Armorial bearings

The armorial badge

The pendle armorial badgeThe badge or device, is a separate emblem, though a part of the Armorial Bearings. It is never shown on a shield and has various uses for which the complete arms may not be suitable, e.g. small stationery, uniform and cap badges, tie motifs, car pennants, etc.  A principal function is as the only part of the Armorial Bearings that can be used as a communal 'Pendle' identifying emblem by local organisations. 

The Badge is usually related to the arms and must be simple. The Pendle Badge is a rayed circlet of gold, derived from the Roman crown in the crest, and set with the three white and six red roses from the Crest, the whole enclosing the 'Big End' of Pendle Hill.

The Armorial Bearings were designed by H. ELLIS TOMLINSON, M.A., F.H.S. Heraldic Advisor to Association of District Councils and designer of many civic arms in Lancashire.

Permission must be granted from the Borough Council before the Armorial Bearings are used.