View and comment on a planning application

Comment on a planning application

You can comment

  • in support of an application
  • in objection to an application
  • any other general comment about an application 

You must make your comments within 21 days from the date of the notification letters to neighbours, press notice and/or site notice whichever is the latest to be published.

You can make comments on a planning application using the Planning Application Search, by email to or in writing to the Planning Department.

All online comments and letters of objection to planning applications will be viewable on the internet. Names, addresses, signatures, telephone numbers, email addresses, and personal information within the comments will not be published. 

Physical copies of planning applications can be seen at Nelson Town Hall.


In the case of an appeal all comments received are sent to the Planning Inspectorate. Where an appeal is dealt with by the expedited Householder Appeals Service there is no further opportunity to comment on the application.

The Planning Inspectorate has introduced an online appeals service which can be used to make appeals online and comment on appeals online

Guidance on making comments on a planning application

The Council cannot reject a planning proposal because a lot of people are against it.

We can only consider objections which are:

  • relevant to planning issues. For example, problems with traffic if the development went ahead
  • the effect a development might have on the environment
  • the effect a proposal might have on the appearance of the surrounding area.

The following issues are not planning issues so we cannot take them into account:

  • the effect the development might have on property values
  • the personal circumstances or character of the applicant
  • 'moral' issues related to the proposal. (The main check for the planning system is whether the proposed use of a site would be acceptable in land use and environmental terms. Separate licensing systems apply if special control is needed over the sale of things that might be socially or morally sensitive.)

To check on the progress of an application with regard to possible committee dates, email the case officer three to four weeks after the planning application is registered. 

Planning and Enforcement

Please leave a message on the answerphone and an officer will return your call as soon as possible. Messages are usually picked up twice a day.

Planning and Building Control,
Town Hall,
Market Street,

Tel: 01282 661333