Lancashire Local Heritage List

The Lancashire Local List Project has been set up to identify local heritage across the County. It is being facilitated by Growth Lancashire Ltd, who are working with all the Lancashire Local Authorities including Lancashire County Council.

Visit the Lancashire Local List Project website

What is Local Heritage?

Local heritage is any asset that is valued by the local community and that contributes to the character and local distinctiveness of an area.

Generally types of local heritage can include:

  • buildings
  • monuments
  • sites
  • places
  • areas
  • historic parks
  • gardens or other designed landscapes

What is a Local Heritage List?

A local heritage list is a way of formally identifying local heritage, and making sure that its significance is taken into account in any planning applications that may affect it. These lists are also used to inform Local Plans.

Local lists help to build and reinforce a sense of local character and distinctiveness. 

What types of heritage assets are suitable for the list?

A wide range of buildings, structures and sites are suitable for the list. These are the types of assets we would consider including:

  • Agricultural: farms, barns, gate posts and boundary walls
  • Commercial: pubs, shops and offices
  • Cultural: art installations, graffiti and statues
  • Recreational: village halls, community centres, cinemas, sports grounds and social clubs
  • Domestic: town houses, bespoke development and designed estates
  • Educational: schools and colleges
  • Health: hospitals, almshouses and poorhouses
  • Industrial: factories, warehouses and workshops
  • Military: civil defence, military camps, war memorials, air raid shelters and pill boxes
  • Religious: churches, chapels, meeting houses, memorials, crosses and tombs
  • Transport: railway stations, signal boxes and railway bridges
  • Ancient orchards

The Historic England website has more information on identifying and conserving local heritage.

The criteria for nominating a site for the Local Heritage List

You can nominate a site or feature in your local area.

The Lancashire Local List website has information about the criteria for nominating a heritage asset.

How to nominate a site

You can nominate a site on the Lancashire Local List website. You will need to register with them first. 

Further information

If you would like any further information or have any questions, contact the Lancashire Local List team via their website