Stream and Steam

Children's audio trail

The children's audio trail follows the adventures of Barlick the Wizard and Ossy the Owl around Barnoldswick. Barlick uses his magical powers to conjure up the sounds of the past. Listen out as the mischievous Ossy gets into a few scrapes during his investigations!

There are 10 audio files which follow Barlick and Ossy along the trail. You can download the files by clicking on the links below.

This audio trail is suitable for children up to and around the age of eight. Children must always be accompanied by an adult if they are going to walk the trail.

Audio files 

Letcliffe Park and Barlick the Wizard (2:26 mins)

Gillians mill and the waterframe (5:16 mins)

Bancroft mill and its engine (3:24 mins)

Forty steps (2:45 mins)

Clough mill and waterwheel (4:13 mins)

Walmsgate and the New Ship Chapel (3:41 mins)

The old mortuary and workhouse (3:09 mins)

Barlick and Ossie go water skiing (3:08 mins)

The old corn mill (4:37 mins)

Rolls Royce and the Ossie jet (4:02 mins)